Seminar Formats

Seminars are offered in Live Stream and On Demand formats

Live Stream:

In person classes will be offered via live stream until further notice. These seminars are offered at a specific date and time and in many cases will be hosted through Zoom Meetings.

On Demand:

On Demand topics are available for a range of dates as indicated in the seminar description. The following is an overview of the various session types:

Mobile Audio

These audio-only courses are delivered via mobile application. This allows for a convenient and flexible way two complete your PD courses “on the go” using your smartphone, tablet or listening to the desktop version.

Online Seminars

Offered through a variety of providers and may include seminar materials and/or quizzes to complete before the expiry date. These pre-recorded seminars are available for a limited time after registration.

On Demand seminars may also include technical modules where participants are provided seminar materials as well as a range of online interactive learning activities. Participants can share ideas or pose questions to other participants and an expert facilitator with this format.


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