Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Pre-Budget Submission for Budget 2023 | CPA Canada

Pre-budget Submission in Advance of the 2023 Federal Budget by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Mastering and Shaping a Data-Driven Economy

Data is integral to business progress, however, there is a void. Learn how our data governance work is addressing the need for standards and frameworks to govern the integrity and security of data.

Team Up with the Arts

Business and Arts NL's newest program, Team Up With the Arts, offers a chance to participate in governance training at the Gardiner Centre. Help build our province's arts and culture sector, one board member at a time!

Providing Additional Auditor Reporting for Clients

CPAs are regularly being asked to provide additional reporting to clients and third parties. This article highlights matters for consideration and provides links to resources that will assist you should you be requested to provide such services.

Fraud in an Audit of Financial Statements: What's your Role?

Discover revisions being considered to the auditor’s responsibilities relating to fraud and what resources are available.

Tax Blog

CPA Canada tax updates help you stay on top of the changing tax environment. Subscribe to the Tax Blog email – make sure to check off Tax Blog in the member preference center to join our growing tax audience today.

Practitioner's Portal

Find resources to advance your career, learn the latest technical changes and enhance your skillset.

CPA Canada's Financial Literacy Program

CPA Canada's Financial Literacy program provides unbiased, functional and clear financial literacy information to the general public. Find out what's new!

Technology's Impact on the Audit

Continuous technological developments are creating risks and opportunities for the audit profession today and into the future. Read this blog for updates on recent activities and to access our suite of helpful resources.

CSQM Standard Reminder

New and revised quality management standards are coming into effect soon. Are you ready?

Revised CAS 315 Resources

CAS 315 has been significantly revised to promote a more effective risk identification and assessment. Learn about the changes to the standard and understand how these will impact your audit engagements.

You Can’t Touch This: The Intangible Assets Debate

This paper published by CPA Ontario introduces the intangibles conversation and asks CPAs to consider what role the profession is meant to play in this exciting—and controversial—space.

CPA Competency Map 2.0

The Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Competency Map (CM2.0) is a visionary map for the Canadian CPA profession. It sets out the skills and competencies required at the point of obtaining the CPA designation.

PSAB Roundtables on Natural Resources Consultation Paper

The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) recently issued its Natural Resources Consultation Paper. The Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) is hosting roundtable discussions to hear directly from you.

Anti-Money Laundering Resources

CPA Canada and CPA provincial and territorial bodies are collaborating in the fight against money laundering. We have resources on what CPAs need to know to comply and protect themselves, their clients and their organizations.

Member Portal Instructions

We have included some basic instructions here to help you get started.

Assisting Accountant

On September 17, 2021 the Board of Directors approved CPA NL bylaw 407 which requires all sole practitioners to appoint an “Assisting Accountant” to return client records in the event of the practitioner’s death or incapacity.

Entrance to Post-Secondary Degree Program Scholarship

The Entrance to Post-Secondary Degree Scholarship is about giving back to the families of CPA’s and helping ease the burden in that first year.