Member Recognition


Both awards formally recognize those members who have rendered exceptional services to the profession or whose achievements in their careers or in the community have earned them distinction and brought honour to the profession.

The title of Fellow of the Association of Chartered Professional Accountants of Newfoundland and Labrador, designated by the initials FCPA formally recognizes those members who have achieved and maintained this level of standing in the profession over the duration of their career or a significant portion thereof.

The Emerging Leader Award formally recognizes those members who have had their accounting designation for 10 years or less and have demonstrated a significant commitment to the profession or the community during that time.

CPA NL Fellowship Criteria

  • All members of CPA Newfoundland and Labrador, including those working outside Newfoundland and Labrador and those employed by CPA Newfoundland and Labrador, are eligible for a Fellowship if they are in good standing.
  • Candidate’s show leadership and exceptional performance in more than one of following fields of activity:
    • professional career;
    • volunteer involvement in the affairs of the accounting profession;
    • volunteer contribution to professional, community or charitable organizations.
  • The remarkable contribution of the candidate is common knowledge; i.e., the acknowledged achievements make the member a recognized leader due to the quality of their significant contribution in more than one of the three fields of activity listed above.
  • Candidates clearly identify themselves as chartered professional accountants and they are known and recognized as CPAs.
  • In very rare circumstances, a candidate may have made such an exceptionally outstanding contribution in one field of activity that the Member Recognition Committee will consider them.


The following persons are not eligible to become FCPAs:

  • members who have been the subject of a disciplinary decision resulting in their being struck off the roll of a professional body or a similar organization;
  • members who have been struck off the roll or whose right to engage in professional activities has been suspended by CPA Newfoundland and Labrador under its rules of professional conduct;
  • members who are currently subject to a limitation or suspension of their right to engage in professional activities.


Emerging Leader Award Criteria 

  • A Chartered Professional Accountant who is a member in good standing with CPA Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • He or she has had a significant achievement in the first 10 years, or less, as a chartered professional accountant in Canada or as a designated accountant anywhere in the world.
  • Members are eligible for nomination for this award up to one year past their 10th anniversary of membership.
  • Commitment and excellence in community or volunteer services (e.g. civic, political, charitable, professional, business or industry association), or;
  • Excellence, innovation or remarkable accomplishment in one’s accounting career or the field of accounting in general.
  • Generally recognition is given for activities since the member received their designation or during the period when they were an accounting student.
  • ELAs are not granted posthumously. The date of granting is the date of the CPA Board meeting at which awards are adjudicated.
  • An individual may only receive an ELA award once.